Anybody can draw – we’ll help you Delight Your Audience.

A great illustration is a delight. Both to make and to see. So we help brands make joyful connections to their audience through visual metaphors, bold ideas and simple how-to illustrations.

Don’t get sucked into the same old – dull corporate trap – those other guys fall for. You want something unique that makes happy; then you’re ready for Union Illustration Co.

For leading advertising agencies and content creators that want to embark on an adventure into the depths of your client’s personality and you want to give them beautiful, original, illustration – We peel back the layers to reveal the truth and capture it in a way that’s completely understandable at a glance. Charming, delightful, illustration with a process that’s designed to be just as fun – Union Illustration Co. will create world-class artwork, illustration, and art projects that are unique and on-brand.

Our proven process leads to crystal clear creative direction you can’t find on your own.

Our illustration promises to bring pride to your brand and help you connect with your audience in the most delightful way.

As for the team? We think our illustrators should always be classy. So our team always acts with passion, humility, and most of all empathy for everyone we come into contact with, while we strive for pro-active innovation and consistency in our own work.

Putting Art to Work for Things that Matter – Your Vision!

Michael Grills, Principal/Illustrator

Michael has been making art, illustration and logos for design agencies, magazines, publishers, video directors, and video game makers from all over the world ever since 2000.

Specialising in two-dimensional art Michael amplifies your concepts by simplifying, enhancing, and focusing on your unique messages. He is an expert at the Adobe Creative Suite, but his favourite software is Adobe Illustrator.

He teaches illustration, video editing, motion graphics at the University of Calgary. He also mentors local, up and coming illustrators who want to know how to run their businesses.

Michael Grills graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design and went directly to Bioware Corp. in Edmonton, getting hands on experience making AAA story driven RPG’s. When his first son was born, he decided to move back home to Calgary so that he could raise his family in his hometown among their relatives.

He started independently illustrating and has enjoyed working as a production manager, art director, creative director and illustrator depending on what the project requires and how he fits into the team. Michael loves collaboration and big ideas.

Seeing the need for Calgarians to keep more of their illustrators in town and to have them working together, Michael created Union Illustration CO. as a way to create more connections.

He lives in Calgary with his wife, two children and a gecko; and love’s bike riding, martial arts, kites, and camping. With Banff right out the back door, it’s no wonder he keeps the shop here.

Sandra Harris, Communications

Sandra loves words. She loves everything about words. The way they look on a sheet of crisp white page, the way they sound on your ear, the way it feels to write with a smooth ballpoint pen. More than any of that, Sandra loves the power of words. When you combine just the right word and just the right image, there is nothing quite so sweet.

Over the past 16 years Sandra has worked in theatre as a stage manager and director, in business management and corporate strategy, as a small business owner for 6 years and most recently as the Production Director for Wordfest. These varied experiences put Sandra in a unique position to view your project, your company, and your customers through a multi-focal lens.

Communication is a part of everything we do in business and in life. The way we answer the phone, the wording in our email signatures, and the messaging we put on our websites and in our brochures are important choices. Don’t leave things to chance and risk your customer receiving the wrong message.

Sandra graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. She also received a diploma in Business Management form Columbia College and is currently working towards a certificate in Creative Writing form the University of Calgary. Sandra achieved her Competent Communicator designation from Toast Masters International.

When Sandra has free time she loves relaxing with her family, curling up with a good book, camping, swimming and building things.


Union Illustration Co. is a proud sponsor of Classroom Champions.

Their mission is to role model the process of excellence in order to increase every child’s chance of a bright and successful future.