Generate something beautiful and exciting for your community, while giving your business valuable exposure.

Imagine your on your way to work. It’s not a job though. It’s your business, and you’re proud to be heading there. Knowing that you’re an essential part of the community is what makes it all worthwhile. Right?

Will your community remember you?

But let me ask you something? Are you really that important to your community? Has any of your customers ever commented on your contribution to the city? Does it feel like if you just packed up your shop and left nobody would remember that you were there?

When we work with business owners who want to give back, we always know we have a client who uniquely sees the world as a playful and enjoyable place live in. Most of us don’t go into business because of the money. It’s because we think that we can do a better job or we have something special to offer.

That’s good because customers expect more and more from the places where they spend their money. And competition from online retailers and services is making it harder for brick and mortar businesses like yours to stand out.

Why take all that time to go shopping if the experience is just the same online?

You can make an impact though. And the investment would be worth more than an expensive billboard ad or a one-pager in the newspaper. You could give your audience something to talk about.

For instance, you could get a one of a kind Mural. One that connects your business to your community and your customers to you. One of our favourite clients has us make murals that their customers can write all over.

What a great way to let them know that you care about them, where they live and how beautiful the community can be. Attract eyes to your shop and make it easy for customers to engage with you.

But don’t just get any old artist with a can of paint and brush to do it for you. You want somebody with experience working with top brands, doing art and murals that serve a purpose. Our world-class illustration company does art for marketing agencies all over the world, and we can make you stand out.

We walk you through the process. Defining your needs and expectations, figuring out what the art should accomplish. We keep you focused on what matters: Your community and your customers.

Then we do a bunch of sketches in the studio that you can review, and we work with you to find the exact right image for what you want to say.

You’re not only taken through the process, but your feedback is integral to its success.

Finally, we install the mural for you. We handle the whole project. You can sit back and relax knowing we’ve got the job in hand.

So next time you’re wondering what to do next to promote your business. Talk to us and Union Illustration Co. We put art to work – for things that matter. Like your community and your business.

As always, remember to Delight Your Audience.

Check our some of our past murals here.

This video shows a mural we did in the fall for Communo. It’s called Generosity, something the founder takes to heart.

Michael Grills

Author Michael Grills

Michael Grills is an Illustrator, Artist and Designer working internationally at Union Illustration Co. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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