Michael Grills Illustration Is Now Union Illustration Co.

Michael Grills Illustration is Dead

Michael Grills Illustration is Dead.

Well only in name.

Not in spirit.

There are a couple of reasons, both personal and business related for this decision and it wasn’t made lightly. In the end, it came out of a desire to be able to service our clients even better while growing the business.

Wait – you may have noticed the word “we” in that last sentence. That’s because we are becoming a small but mighty team.

We will continue to offer a broad range of illustration services we always have, including art for advertising, publishing, and video games, as well as storyboards, animatics, and murals. We’ll continue to come up with visual strategies that go beyond the norm and make you a stand out in your industry.

So what’s the new name?

Introducing Union Illustration Co.

The idea behind the new name is that we believe great illustration brings people together. Whether its brands closer to customers, leaders closer to employees, or entertainment closer to fans.

You can expect even better from us as we continue to employ best project management practices and make it our mission to create the very best artwork for our clients.

Keep in mind, that we are not an agency. We are a small group of artists and illustrators who want to bring the world the best in Bold, Expressive, Branded, Illustration – Connecting You and Your Audience. So check out our illustrationstoryboards, UI/UX, murals, and characters.

For leading advertising agencies that want to give their clients beautiful, original, illustration and they want the process to be easy; Union Illustration Co. will create world-class artwork, illustration, and art projects that are unique and on-brand.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Michael Grills and Union Illustration Co.

Michael Grills

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Michael Grills is an Illustrator, Artist and Designer working internationally at Union Illustration Co. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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