Empire Avenue Lounge Lizards
Empire Avenue Rocket Stand
Icons Empire Avenue 06
Icons Empire Avenue 05
Icons Empire Avenue 03
Icons Empire Avenue 02
Icons Empire Avenue 02
Empire Avenue Animal Advisors

While working as Creative Director for Empire Avenue, a social network that used gamification to help you become more social, Michael Grills had the opportunity to create a large number of illustration assets for marketing, as reward items, and to help customers play the game.

At the top is one of our favourite posters that we used for SXSW and the rest are examples of icons that we used throughout the site.

The icons were generally handed out as achievements and depending on how you did on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other high profile networks you could earn them as badges.

The characters acted as advisors to help you get the most out of the site and as easy ways to get a lot of visual marketing done.

The site doesn’t quite work the same way and since the founders gave it up to the community they have changed a lot of the branding (even the name). It was a great initiative and we had a blast with the team as we came up with creative ways to get the word out.

If you want to check it out go here www.empirekred.com