Generals of Monrovia Band in Raft
Generals Of Monrovia Immigrants in Boat

The Generals of Monrovia are an afro-punk band that hail from Vancouver Canada. The name of their album was called “Immigration Punk” and was a direct response to the negative attitude of the British and American governments attitudes toward immigration.

Used only in social media to promote their new album we created art that would fit into the afro punk scene which is a bit more colourful than the original punk music scene. The themes are still similar as punk is rooted in a tradition of dystopia, anger, and often irony.

We thought it would be great to show the band as the only island among the drowning victims of ill-considered immigration policies as well as a crowded boat with jets in the background.

The band hopes that through their music and this art that they will help raise awareness about the different reasons and risks that people take when they immigrate from their homes to a new country.