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Connecting Your Audience to Your Digital Assets

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There is only a limited amount of space on a screen, and with mobile apps becoming more important to companies that want to reach their audience where they play, it’s become invaluable to have the right UI/UX – one that includes icons and buttons that people want to interact with.

Screens come in all shapes and sizes, and you can rest easy knowing your icons will be visible at even the smallest sizes. We can make images that stand out as small as 16px in height and width.

We use your companies colours or can do them in black and white so you can be sure your new icons won’t disrupt your current visual branding. You can have icons that are loose, tight, serious or fun, whatever communicates to your audience best.

Icons are an excellent way to start using illustration to connect with your audience. So if you’ve been hesitant to try art, as a part of your visual branding, because of the commitment, you can begin your partnership with Union Illustration Co. with an important but low-cost solution. We’ll learn about your needs as a company before you invest in your future big ideas.

Screen space is limited, and you’ll be happy knowing that critical space is being used to communicate directly and efficiently.

UI/UX that is as unique as your company. If we wanted you to look like everybody else, we’d just sell you stock package.

The team at Union Illustration has created over 4000 unique icons for screens all over the world and have been enjoyed by millions of users. We love making them because helping you communicate with your audience is the most important thing we do. You can feel good knowing that your UI will express exactly what your audience needs to know because we take pride in making the best icons in the world.

Make sure your website and apps stand out. Check out our Packages.